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Lot of six 1940s WWII-era pinup comic magazines. Majority of contents are raunchy wartime comic illustrations, with several bizarre advertisements and centerfold illustrations thrown in to the mix. 


Lot includes:
- Fun Frolic, Spring 1944. Cover illustration of student drawing his teacher as a pinup girl on the chalkboard.
- Fun Frolic, Winter 1944. First issue - vol.1 number 1. Cover illustration of blonde on skis flying through the air filled with war planes. 
- Fun Riot, May 1945. Cover illustration of man getting stuck in a machine while watching two Rosie-the-Rivetor pinup factory girls go by.
- Fun & Frolic, Winter 1945. Cover illustration of two pinup girls in mini-coats sledding, with a man flying off the back of their sled.
- Fun Riot, October 1943. Cover illustration of pinup girl in white uniform getting a sailor tattoo.
- Fun Follies, October 1944. Cover illustration of redhead in a bikini getting stung on the butt by a bee.


Each magazine is 82 pgs, and measures approx. 11” H x 8.6” W x 0.25” D. All in acceptable / fair condition, with some wear and creasing, chipping, writing of dates on cover, one mag has char marking on cover. See images for reference to condition.

Lot of 6 WWII-era Wartime Pinup Comic Magazines, 1940s.

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