La Femme, March 15, 1945. Image via Gallica, BnF

       I've been adding things I've stumbled upon while drifting across the internet to a Google Doc for a few years, and I use it when doing research. With coronavirus closing our libraries right now and finals season fast approaching, I figured people might find it handy! All free to access, as of when I listed them. Feel free to send me things to add, or let me know if a link is no longer functional. 

18th Century Women's Magazines

- Cabinet des Modes, 1785-1786. French.


- Magasin des Modes Nouvelles, 1786-1788. French.

- Gallery of Fashion, 1799-1800. British. 


19th Century Women’s Magazines:

American, British, and French.


- Journal des Dames et des Modes, 1817-1820. French. 

- Le Bon Genre, 1827. French. Caricatures of fashion and society.


- Petit Courrier des Dames, 1828-1837. French. 

- La Mode, 1829-1839. French. 

R. Ackermann's Repository of Fashions, 1829. English.

- The World of Fashion and Continental Feuilletons, 18241829, 1830, 1831, 1841. Fashion periodical published in London.


- Godey's Lady's Book, 1830-1895. American.


- The Ladies' Penny Gazette; Or, Mirror of Fashion, and Miscellany of Instruction and Amusement, 1833.

- Le Journal des Coiffeurs, 1836-1874. French. 

The Ladies' Cabinet of Fashion, Music & Romance, 1839-1847. English.


- La Sylphide, 1839-1873. French. 


- The London and Paris Ladies' Magazine of Fashion, 1848.

- Peterson's Magazine. 1848-1876. American women's magazine.


- Le Moniteur de la Mode, 1851-1852. French. 

M'me Demorest's Quarterly Report and Mirror of Fashions, 1860. American.

La Petite Feuille des Dames, 1866-1867. French.


- La Mode Illustrée, 1869. Also, digitized patterns from the magazine, 1860-1920. French. 


- Harper's Bazaar, 1869-1900. Digitized by Cornell. American. 


- Le Monde Élégant, or, The World of Fashion, 1866, 1867-1868, 1869-1870, 1871-1872, 1873-1874,  1875-1876, 1877-18781881-1882. Published in London and New York. Excellent resource for fashion plates.


- Grands Magasins du Louvre, 1872-1911. French. Catalog for the Parisian department store.

- The Domestic Monthly: An Illustrated Magazine of Fashion, Literature, and the Domestic Arts, 1885. American.

- Dry Goods Review, 1891-1922. Toronto-based ready-to-wear trade journal.

Fashions of To-day, May-Oct 1892. London-based English edition of French fashion magazine, La Mode Practique.

20th Century Women’s Magazines:

American, Canadian, and French.

- Tissus et Nouveautés, 1900-1913. Canadian, written in French. Montreal-based textile and fashion trade publication.

- Femina, 1901-1916, 1922-1954. French. 

- Les Modes, 1901-1937. French.

Mode et Beauté, 1901-1903. French.

Mode-Palace: Album Mensuel des Dernières Créations Parisiennes, 1901-1909. French.

- The Illustrated Milliner, 1902-1922. American.

- Le Figaro-Modes, 1903-1906.

- The Designer, December 1905-May 1906. American. 

- Les Parisiennes, 1906-1916. Despite the name, this one's an American fashion trade publication that featured fashion plates and patterns.

- Album de Blouses, 1908-1933. French, with text in German and English. Illustrated profusely.


- Woman’s Home Companion, 1908-1924. American.


- Gazette du Bon Ton: 1910s & 1920s super high end French fashion magazine, published in limited editions. Beautiful prints in pochoir by artists like Georges Lepape. Here are copies digitized by Gallica, and copies digitized by the Smithsonian.


- McCall’s, 1911-1923. American. 

Élégances Féminines: Revue Mensuelle de la Grande Couture, 1911-1914. French. 

- Jardin des Modes Nouvelles, 1912-1914.


- Journal des Dames et des Modes, revival, 1912-1914. French. 


- Modes et Manières d'aujourd'hui, 1912-1920. French.

- Redbook, 1912-1923. American. 

- Vanity Fair, 1913-1924. American. 

- American Cloak and Suit Review, July-September 1915, October-December 1915, January-March 1916, October-December 1917, October-December 1918, April-June 1919, January-June 1922. Trade paper for the women's ready-to-wear industry. 

- La Femme de France, 1915-1938. French. 


- Les Élégances Parisiennes: Publication Officielle des Industries Françaises de la Mode, 1917. French. 


- Vogue, 1897, 1917, 1922. Oct-Dec 1961. American. Very few copies online in English without a paywall, but here’s a tiny selection.

- La Mode par Fried, 1918-1919. French. 

- La Guirlande, 1919. French. Umberto Brunelleschi was the art director <3

- Vogue Paris, 1920-1940. Also one copy of June 1965, December 1965Spring Collections, March 1966, February 1967, May 1967, May 1968,  French.

- Art Goût Beauté, 1920-1934. French.

- Très Parisien, 1920-1935. French. 

- The American Furrier, 1922. American trade journal for the fur trade.

- Les Idées Nouvelles de la Mode, 1922-1929. French. 

- The Modern Priscilla, 1922-1927. American. 

- Falbalas et Fanfreluches: Almanach des Modes Présentes, Passées & Future, 4éme Annee, 1925. French. 

- La Mode du Jour, 1925-1926. French.

Être Belle, 1930-1938. French hair and beauty magazine.

- Excelsior Modes, 1931-1939. French. 

- Chapeaux d'Été, 1932-1934. French.

- Midinette, 1934-1938. French.

- La Mode et La Maison, 1936. French. 


- Marie-Claire, 1937-1945. French weekly women's magazine.


- Mode du Jour, 1938-1949. French. 


- Pour Elle, 1940-1941. French. 

- Silhouettes, 1940-1945. French. 


- Album de la mode du Figaro, 1942-1949. French. 

La Femme, 1945-1946. French.

- Elle Paris, 1945-1949, French. 

- California Stylist, 1945- 1946. American. Great resource for American sportswear. Not visible on search on for some reason, so apologies for the individual links: July 1945October 1945, September - December 1946, February 1947.

- Katy Keene, 1949-1961. American. Fashion model-themed comic book. 

- The Californian, 1946-1952. American. San Francisco-based fashion magazine. Another great resource for sportswear. Not labeled on Archive with the right dates, so here are the individual links: February 1946-April 1946 & July 1946August 1946-January 1947February-July 1947, August 1947-January 1948, February 1948-June 1948, August 1948-June 1949, August 1949-November 1949 & February-November 1950, Spring 1951-Fall 1952.

- Simplicity Fashion Magazine, 1949-1974. American sewing magazine. 


- Ebony, 1959-2008. American. Search for "Ebony Fashion Fair" for great fashion coverage. 

- En Femme Magazine, 1987-1991. American. Iconic magazine of drag fashions.

International Magazines:

- A Estação, 1884. Brazilian women's magazine with fashion plates and many black and white fashion illustrations.

- America, 1923-1925. Brazilian pop culture magazine on art, fashion, film, and sport.


- Atelier, 1923. Russian Constructivist-inspired fashion magazine - the only issue ever produced.


- AWA: La Revue de la Femme Noire, 1964 - 1973. Senegalese women's magazine, digitized by the  the Institut Fondamental d’Afrique Noire-Cheikh Anta Diop.

Beaux Arts de Modes, 1920-1942. Profusely illustrated Belgian magazine of the latest fashions in fur.

- Das Leben, 1923-1935. Weimar-era German women's magazine.


- Die Moderne Frau, 1926-1928. Viennese fashion magazine.


- De Gracieuse, 1862-1936. Dutch fashion magazine.


- Elegancias, 1911-1914. Uruguyan fashion magazine.


- Eleganze Femminili, 1911. Super short lived italian magazine.

El Correo de la Moda, 1852. Fashion paper published out of Madrid. Features both fashion plates and patterns.

- El Tocador: Gacetín del Bello Sexo, Periódico Semanal de Educación, Literatura, Anuncios, Teatros y Modas, 1844. Madrid-based Spanish women's magazine.

- Fon-Fon, c. 1903-1945. Brazilian magazine. Particularly great cover design in the late teens through mid-twenties.


- Futuro das Moças, 1917 and 1918. "The Future of Women," a Brazilian women's magazine.


- Internationale Frisierkunst Und Mode, 1918-1937. Viennese hairstyling magazine. Title translates to International Hair-Style and Fashion.


- Journal des Luxus und der Moden, 1787-1812. German fashion magazine.


- Jugend, 1896-1940. German magazine super influential during Art Nouveau period, so much so that Art Nouveau in Germany became known as Jugendstil. Later forced between 1933-1940 into Nazi propaganda machine.


- La Moda, 1836-1842. Milanese weekly fashion newpaper.

- Le Grand Tailleur, 1924-1943. Magazine with text in German, abundant with fashion plates and illustrations. Unsure of origin, but likely French for German-speaking market.


- Layla, 1923-1924. First Iraqi women’s magazine.


- Ling Long Women's Magazine, 1931-1937. “Published in Shanghai from 1931 to 1937, was popular during a time of dramatic material, social, and political change in China. Today, the magazine offers researchers a unique glimpse into women's lives in Republican-era (1911-49) Shanghai. This site features Columbia University's collection of Ling long magazine, one of the most complete holdings outside China.”

Magasin för Konst, Nyheter Och Moder, 1823. Stockholm-based women's periodical with fashion reports and colored fashion plates. 

- Russia Illustrated, 1924-1939. Russian weekly with occasional fashion coverage.


- Victoria, 1863-1871. German weekly fashion paper.

Menswear Magazines:

American, British, Canadian, and French.


- Geo. D. Doudney's Monthly Fashion Sheet, February, 1835.

- L'Union de Mode, 1860-63. French. 


- The Gazette of Fashion, and Cutting Room Companion, 1866. English.


- The Gentleman’s Magazine of Fashion, 1870, 1873. English.


- The Weekly Record of Fashion, and Tailor and Cutter's Guide, 1882.

- The Tailor and Cutter, and London Art Fashion Journal, 1890. English.


- The American Tailor and Cutter, 1891-1892. American.


- Le Musée des Modes: Journal Fashion Artistique des Tailleurs, 1891. French. 

Voice of Fashion, 1897. Chicago-based journal of fashionable dress patterns.

- Men's Wear Review, 1911-1922. Menswear editions of Toronto-based ready-to-wear trade journal, Dry Goods Review.

- Croonberg's Gazette of Fashions, 1915-1916, 1916-1917. American trade journal. 

- Monsieur, 1920-1923. Beautiful French menswear magazine.


- Adam-Chemisier, 1925-1948. French. 



- Avant-Garde, 1968-1971. Famed for its graphic design.


- The Chicagoan, 1926-1935. Short-lived magazine modelled off the New Yorker.


- Documentary History of the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America, 1914-1922. Early history of the union, as well as proceedings of conferences and conventions.


- Sports Illustrated Vault: Digitized archives of Sports Illustrated, good for sportswear.


- The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences: Great collection of film fan magazines from the first half of the twentieth century, which often discuss costume design and the off-camera style of starlets of the era. 

- Biblioteca Nacional Brasil Digital: a searchable database of Brasilian newspapers. I have found that the Revista da Semana had some interesting fashion coverage in their "Cronica ce Paris" column. 

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