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February 1, 1937 - Stÿl nl.png
February 1, 1937 - Stÿl nl.png
February 1, 1937 - Stÿl nl.png

Cover of Stÿl, February 1, 1937, via the IADDB.

       Directory of digitized periodicals related to interior design and architecture, which includes 88 titles from

20 countries, with approx. 9,694 individual issues available, as well as 21 collections. All free to access as of when I listed them. Dates correspond to the issues available digitized. Feel free to send me things to add, and please let me know if a link is no longer functional.

 Please make sure to credit the digitizing institution if using materials found here,

and check their policies for use before using for commercial purposes :-) 

Interior Design & Architecture Magazines

  • Das Ideenmagazin für Liebhaber von Gärten, englischen Anlagen und Besitzer von Landgütern, 1796-1802, 1806. German magazine on garden design, with illustrations of architectural plans, furniture design, and garden follies.

  • Album Pratique de l'Art Industriel et des Beaux-Arts, 1858-1866. French. Trade journal for architects, designers, and craftsmen.

  • Kunstgewerbeblatt, 1866-1899. German journal of decorative arts and handwork.

  • Guida per le Arti e Mestieri, 1870-1872. Italian journal of crafts and decorative arts. Scroll to title and click to see available issues.

  • The Decorator and Furnisher, 1882-1897. American interior design trade journal.

  • L'Art Ornemental, 1883-1887. French decorative arts magazine.

  • De Architect, 1890-1914. Dutch architectural journal.

  • Innendekoration, 1890-1900, 1900-1944. German. First published under the title Illustrierte kunstgewerbliche Zeitschrift für Innendekoration, shortened in 1900.

  • The Studio, 1893-1925. British. Long-running magazine about the arts with extensive coverage of furniture and interior design. Particularly good for researching the Arts and Crafts movement. The Studio Yearbook of Decorative Art compiled articles related to decorative arts from each year, 1906-1925.

  • Architectura, 1893-1926. Dutch architectural journal.

  • Deutsche Kunst und Dekoration, 1897-1932. German. Good coverage of Art Nouveau style.

  • Art et Décoration, 18971904, 1911-1938. French design magazine. Primarily digitized by Gallica in black and white – here is Jan-June 1922 in color. 

  • Bouw en Sierkunst, 1898-1902. Dutch, title translates to "Building and Decorative Arts".

  • L'Art Décoratif, 1898-1906. French. Another that's great for Art Nouveau.

  • Dekorative Kunst, 1898-1929. German magazine titled "Decorative Art". 

  • Berliner Architekturwelt, 1899-1919. German magazine "for architecture, painting, plastic and decorative arts of the present". 

  • Das Interieur, 1900-1908. Heavily illustrated Austrian interior design journal.

  • House and Garden, 1901-1988. American interior design magazine. The Internet Archive has copies as well from the early years of the magazine [1901-1929].

  • Shin-Bijutsukai (新美術海), 1901-1902. Japanese design magazine, edited by graphic designer and illustrator Korin Furuya.

  • Kotitaide, 1902-1918. Finnish journal of home art, includes furniture design illustrations and images of interiors.

  • Moderne Bauformen, 1902-1932. German interior design and architecture magazine.

  • Het Huis, 1903-1905. Dutch journal of homes and interior design, title translates to "The Home".

  • Kumo no kake, or 雲のかけ, 1905. Japanese magazine of illustrated wallpaper designs.

  • Architecture, 1906-1936. American trade journal.

  • L'Architecte, 1906-1935. French architectural journal, "offering both professional headings as archaeological surveys on luxurious inset plates." 

  • La Casa, 1908-1910. Biweekly Italian magazine.

  • The Architect and Engineer of California, 1908-1959. Long-running American architectural trade journal, especially interesting around the Midcentury period.

  • Arts and Decoration, 1910-1923. American interior design journal.

  • Pacific Coast Architect, 1911-1929. American journal published by the San Francisco AIA.

  • The Painter and Decorator, 1912-1926. American decorating journal with a focus on wall decoration.

  • Svenska Hem och Trädgårdstidningen, 1913-1926. Swedish magazine, titled "Swedish Homes and Gardens".

  • Das Werk: Architektur und Kunst, 1914-1976. Swiss magazine of architecture and design.

  • Interior Decorator, 1917-1940. American interior design magazine. Originally titled Upholsterer and Interior Decorator until 1935, then Interior Decorator until November 1940, then Interiors. 

  • The Architectural Forum, 1917-1974. American architectural journal.

  • Moderne Welt, 1918-1939. German society magazine with monthly interior design columns. Search "inneneinrichtung" to find related items more quickly.

  • California Southland, 1918-1929. Los Angeles culture magazine with a focus on architecture.

  • L'Esprit Nouveau, 1920-1925. French cultural journal founded in part by Le Corbusier, often featured articles on architecture and design.

  • De Stijl, 1921-1932. Dutch magazine on art and design, often featured architecture, published          by Theo van Doesburg.

  • Mobilier et Décoration d'Intérieur, 1921-1925. French magazine of furniture and interior design.

  • Good Furniture, January - May 1922, July - December 1922. American interior design magazine.

  • Arte Pura e Decorativa, 1922-1924. Italian decorative art magazine.

  • Le Dessin à l'École et Dans la Famille, 1922-1930. Belgian journal for design education.

  • Stavba, 1922-1938. Czech magazine of avant-garde architecture and design.

  • Better Homes and Gardens, 1924-1961. American interior design and landscaping magazine. Digitized from microfilm, so these ones are in black and white. Includes copies from the magazine's first two years as Fruit, Garden, & Home.

  • G: Material zur Elementaren Gestaltung, 1923-1926. German avant-garde journal edited and published by Hans Richter. Mies van der Rohe was one of the architectural editors.

  • The Architect, 1923-1930. American magazine published by Forbes.

  • L'Architecture Vivante, 1923-1933. French architectural magazine, considered the "leading periodical of the European architectural avant-gardes".

  • Mobilier et Décoration, 1925-1946. French. Continuation of Mobilier et Décoration d'Intérieur.

  • Maison Pour Tous, 1925-1938. French journal of home and garden design.

  • Nova Khata (Нова хата), 1925-1939. "New House," a Ukrainian women's magazine with features on fashion, the home, and folk textiles.

  • Sovremennaya Arkhitektura [Современная архитектура], 1926-1930. Russian constructivist architectural journal, considered the "leading architectural avant-garde journal in the USSR."

  • Architettura e Arti Decorative, 1926-1931. Italian magazine of architecture and decorative art. 

  • Praesens, 1926, 1930. Two issues of the Polish modernist architecture and design magazine.

  • Bauhaus Journal, 1926-1931. Journal of the famed German school of design.

  • Wallpaper, 1926-1939. "A magazine for Wallpaper People." American magazine on wallpaper and interior design, published by the Wallpaper Manufacturers Association of the United States, and a personal favorite of mine.

  • Kritisk Revy, 1927-1928. Danish avant-garde cultural magazine with a focus on architecture.

  • The Small Home, 1928-1932. American magazine published by the AIA.

  • Casabella, 1928-1931, 1933-19371941, 2011-2021. Italian magazine on interior design and architecture. A variation titled Casabella-Costruzioni was published from 1938-1943.

  • Österreichische Möbel-Zeitung, 1929-1932. Austrian journal of the furniture trade.

  • Domus, 1929-1935. Italian architecture and interior design magazine, founded by Gio Ponti.

  • L'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui, 1930-1951. French modernist architectural magazine.

  • Architettura, 1932-1938. Italian architectural journal for the Sindacato Nazionale Fascista Architetti, i.e. the Italian syndicate for Fascist architects 🤢 Including here for historical research value, obvi not for design inspo.

  • Oman Kodin Opas, 1933. Finnish home making magazine, title translates to "Your Own Home Guide."

  • Opbouwen, 1933-1934. Dutch modernist home magazine.

  • Quadrante, 1933-1936. Italian culture magazine with regular features on interiors.

  • Architectura, 1933. German architectural journal, unrelated to the earlier Dutch journal of the same title.

  • Kaunis Kodu, 1934-1938. Estonian magazine, titled "Beautiful Home".

  • Styl, 1936-1938. Dutch design magazine.

  • Архитектура СССР [Architecture of the USSR], 1936-1991. Russian architecture magazine.

  • Shelter Magazine, 1939. A single issue of the American design magazine edited by Philip Johnson.

  • Deutsche Tapeten-Zeitung, 1940-1953. Journal of German wallpaper design.

  • Interiors, 1940-1991. Full run of the American interior design magazine, which changed titles from Interior Decorator to Interiors in November 1940. Digitized from microfilm, so it's in black and white.

  • Cuadernos de Arquitectura, 1944-1970. Spanish magazine on Catalan architecture and design.

  • Arts & Architecture, 1945-1984. Californian design magazine, known for its long-running series on Case Study Houses.

  • Bauen + Wohnen, 1947-1979. Swiss magazine of modern home design and architecture, titled "Building & Home."

  • Popular Home, 1948-1959. American home magazine.

  • Perfect Home, 1951-1965. American home magazine.

  • House & Home, 1952-1982. American magazine on home building and house design.

  • Hogar y Arquitectura, 1955-1977. Spanish magazine of architecture and interior design.

  • Form und Zweck, 1956-1990. German magazine of industrial design.

  • Le Carré Bleu, 1958-2001. An international journal of architecture, based out of Finland.

  • Archigram, 1961-1974. British avant-garde architectural magazine.

  • Forum, 1962-1966. French magazine on architecture, urban planning, and decoration.

  • Journal of Early Southern Decorative Arts, 1975. American journal of design research.

  • Design Book Review, 1981-2001. Aptly titled American journal that reviewed design books.

  • Hochparterre, 1988-2020. Swiss magazine of architecture and design.

  • Old House Interiors, 1994-2013. American interior design magazine.

  • Ornamentum, 2006-2020. Canadian decorative arts magazine.



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