La Femme, March 15, 1945. Image via Gallica, BnF

      Just over here obsessively searching obscure library collections in Uruguay for digitized fashion magazines so you don't have to. This directory includes 150 periodical titles or collections, comprising just over 19,097 individual issues, all free to access as of when I listed them. Feel free to send me things to add, and please let me know if a link is no longer functional.  Dates correspond to the years of each periodical available in the link.

18th Century Women's Magazines


19th Century Women’s Magazines

American, British, and French.


20th Century Women’s Magazines

American, Canadian, and French.


International Magazines


  • Journal des Luxus und der Moden, 1787-1812. German fashion magazine.

  • Magasin för Konst, Nyheter Och Moder, 1823. Stockholm-based women's periodical with fashion reports and colored fashion plates. 

  • La Moda, 1836-1842. Milanese weekly fashion newspaper.

  • El Tocador: Gacetín del Bello Sexo, Periódico Semanal de Educación, Literatura, Anuncios, Teatros y Modas, 1844. Madrid-based Spanish women's magazine.

  • El Correo de la Moda, 1852. Fashion paper published out of Madrid. Features both fashion plates and patterns.

  • De Gracieuse, 1862-1936. Dutch fashion magazine.

  • Victoria, 1863-1871. German weekly fashion paper.

  • Fashionable Light (Модный свет), 1868-1916. Russian fashion newspaper, digitized by the Russian National Library.

  • A Estação, 1884. Brazilian women's magazine with fashion plates and many black and white fashion illustrations.

  • Le Costume Moderne, 1891. Fashion periodical in French and German, published in Berlin. Includes swatches of fabric to go along with each fashion plate.

  • Al-Fatat, 1892-1893. Egypt's first women's magazine. Written in Arabic, text-only publication. Digitized by the Women and Memory Forum (WMF). 

  • Jugend, 1896-1940. German magazine super influential during Art Nouveau period, so much so that Art Nouveau in Germany became known as Jugendstil. Later forced between 1933-1940 into Nazi propaganda machine.

  • Fon-Fon, c. 1903-1945. Brazilian magazine. Particularly great cover design in the late teens through mid-twenties.

  • La Dama, 1907-1908. Spanish women's magazine, digitized by the Biblioteca Nacional de España.

  • A Vida Elegante, 1909. Brazilian weekly magazine, based out of Rio de Janeiro. Includes great street photography of fashion as worn in the city.

  • La Donna, 1910. Italian women's magazine.

  • Eleganze Femminili, 1911. Super short lived Italian magazine.

  • Elegancias, 1911-1914. Uruguyan fashion magazine.

  • Futuro das Moças, 1917 and 1918. "The Future of Women," a Brazilian women's magazine.

  • Internationale Frisierkunst Und Mode, 1918-1937. Viennese hairstyling magazine. Title translates to International Hair-Style and Fashion.

  • Moderne Welt, 1918-1939. German fashion magazine, digitized by the Österreichische Nationalbibliothek. Wonderful fashion magazine with great illustrations prior to 1938, when its Jewish-run publishing house was forcibly “Aryanized.”

  • In Penombra, 1918-1919. Italian stage magazine with fashion coverage and photographs à la Comoedia Illustré.

  • Beaux Arts de Modes, 1920-1942. Profusely illustrated Belgian magazine of the latest fashions in fur.

  • Atelier, 1923. Russian Constructivist-inspired fashion magazine - the only issue ever produced.

  • Layla, 1923-1924. First Iraqi women’s magazine.

  • America, 1923-1925. Brazilian pop culture magazine on art, fashion, film, and sport.

  • Elegancias, 1923-1926. A personal favorite. Spanish fashion magazine, digitized by the Biblioteca Nacional de España.

  • Das Leben, 1923-1935. Weimar-era German women's magazine.

  • Russia Illustrated, 1924-1939. Russian weekly with occasional fashion coverage.

  • Le Grand Tailleur, 1924-1943. Magazine with text in German, abundant with fashion plates and illustrations. Unsure of origin, but likely French for German-speaking market.

  • The Australian Women's Mirror, 1924-1954. Australian magazine with weekly fashion coverage.

  • Die Moderne Frau, 1926-1928. Viennese fashion magazine.

  • Przegląd Mody, 1927-1936. Polish fashion magazine.

  • Modelos, 1929. Barcelona-based publication of fashion croquis. Some issues included digitized patterns.

  • Kauneudenhoitolehti, 1931-1933. Translated: Beauty Magazine. Finnish quarterly magazine of beauty culture.

  • Ling Long Women's Magazine, 1931-1937. “Published in Shanghai from 1931 to 1937, was popular during a time of dramatic material, social, and political change in China. Today, the magazine offers researchers a unique glimpse into women's lives in Republican-era (1911-49) Shanghai. This site features Columbia University's collection of Ling long magazine, one of the most complete holdings outside China.”

  • Eeva, 1933-1939. Finnish monthly fashion magazine, digitized by the National Library of Finland. Select year from the drop-down menu under the magazine title at the top of the page. 

  • The Australian Women's Weekly, 1933-1982. Australian women's newspaper that often features fashion news and fashion illustrations. 

  • Hopeapeili, 1936-1939. Another monthly Finnish fashion magazine – this one's title translates to Silver Mirror.

  • Elite, 1937-1944. Chilean fashion magazine. Run for many years by Valentina Ruiz, a woman Town and Country in 1941 called "the final word on fashion in Chile". To read through a copy, select it by clicking on the picture of its cover and then click the "Descargar" button in orange on the upper left-hand side to flip through its pages.

  • AWA: La Revue de la Femme Noire, 1964 - 1973. Senegalese women's magazine, digitized by the Institut Fondamental d’Afrique Noire-Cheikh Anta Diop.

  • Paula, 1967-1977. South American women's magazine marketed to readers in Argentina and Chile. Fun fashion coverage, including a Twiggy-modeled cover, a space-themed issue and a Paco Robanne editorial.

  • Zan-e Rooz, 1967-1979. Iranian women's magazine titled "Woman of Today," dating from before and during the Iranian Revolution. Sometimes written as Zan-i Rūz. Incredible mod graphic design.

  • Zhvandūn, 1972-1982. Popular magazine published in Afghanistan in Persian and Pashto that often included fashion coverage. 

Menswear Magazines

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