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La Femme, March 15, 1945. Image via Gallica, BnF

      Just over here searching library collections in Uruguay for fashion magazines and women's weeklies so you don't have to. This directory is a master list of 346 periodical titles or collections related to women and/or fashion that I have found digitized online. It currently comprises about 57,715 individual issues, all free to access as of when I listed them. Dates correspond to the years available of each periodical. Feel free to send me things to add and I will credit you here! And please let me know if a link is no longer functional. 


Last Updated: November 10, 2023

 Please credit the digitizing institution if using materials found here,

and make sure to look into the rights for use :-)

Also, please credit my research in sourcing these materials if you use this page extensively in the creation

of a similar website or library research guide! I will notice and it will make me sad :-(

18th Century Magazines


19th Century Magazines

American, English, French, and German. 

20th Century  Magazines

American, Canadian, and French. A few 21st century ones thrown in as well. 



International Magazines


Use Command + F on Mac computers to search by country of origin.​​​

  • Magasin för Konst, Nyheter Och Moder, 1823-1844. Swedish women's periodical with fashion reports and colored fashion plates. 

  • La Moda, 1836-1842. Italian weekly fashion newspaper, published out of Milan.

  • Dziennik Mód Paryskich, 1840-1848. Polish weekly fashion paper with fashion plates, titled "Journal of Parisian Trends". 

  • El Tocador: Gacetín del Bello Sexo, Periódico Semanal de Educación, Literatura, Anuncios, Teatros y Modas, 1844. Madrid-based Spanish women's magazine.

  • El Correo de la Moda, 1852. Spanish fashion paper published out of Madrid. Features both fashion plates and patterns.

  • La Caprichosa, 1857-1858. Spanish women's magazine published in Paris. From the catalog description of the Biblioteca Nacional de España: "Its founder, director and main editor was Emilia Serrano García (1833-1922) from Granada, who edited it for the female audience of the high bourgeoisie and the aristocracy that was part of the Spanish and Hispanic-American colony settled in the French capital . . . His “first” subscriber was, precisely, the Empress of France, Eugénie de Montijo (1826-1920), consort of Napoleon III, who was also from Granada."

  • Strī bodh, 1858-1941. Indian women's magazine published in Gujarat. Text in Hindi.

  • De Gracieuse, 1862-1936. Dutch fashion magazine.

  • Модный свет, 1868-1916. "Fashionable Light," a Russian fashion newspaper, digitized by the Russian National Library.

  • La Moda Elegante, 1869-1887, 1888-1917, 1918-1924. Spanish weekly illustrated fashion paper published in Madrid. Features frequent patterns. Switched to monthly magazine with color illustrated cover in 1923. Found via the Diputació Barcelona, which was kindly shared with me by Franciska Ruessink.

  • La Ondina del Plata, 1876-1879. Argentinian weekly fashion paper.

  • La Moda, 1878. Milan-based Italian fashion paper with illustrations on every page.

  • Paris Charmant-Artístico, 1882. Spanish-language fashion paper published out of Paris for the Spanish-speaking market. Includes fashion plates.

  • La Ilustración de la Mujer, 1883-1884. Spanish women's biweekly paper published in Barcelona. Found via the Diputació Barcelona, which was kindly shared with me by Franciska Ruessink.

  • Wiener Hausfrauen-Zeitung, 1881-1914. Austrian. Title translates to Viennese Housewife Journal. Illustrations begin in 1904.

  • A Estação, 1884. Brazilian women's newspaper, heavily illustrated with fashion plates and many black and white fashion illustrations.

  • El Salón de la Moda, 1884-1916. Spanish fashion paper with plates and illustrations. Distributed in both Spain and Portugal.

  • Cappelleria Italiana, 1886. Italian millinery journal.

  • La Última Moda: Revista Ilustrada Hispano-Americana, 1888-1898, 1899-1921. Spanish-American weekly fashion magazine with extensive illustrations. Scroll down to choose the issue you like, and then click 'Descargar' to download it in a PDF, via the  Biblioteca Digital Memoria de Madrid.

  • Wiener Mode, 1888, 1918-1919. Austrian bimonthly fashion magazine.

  • Вестник моды, 1885-1918. "Fashion Herald," a Russian weekly fashion paper with many illustrations, as well as fashion plates republished from Le Moniteur de la Mode

  • Caras y Caretas, 1890-1892. Uruguayan satirical illustrated journal, typically included fashion coverage in last few pages of each issue.

  • Blatt der Hausfrau, 1890-1945. Austrian illustrated journal; title translates to Housewife's Sheet Austri

  • Al-Fatat, 1892-1893. The first Egyptian women's magazine. Written in Arabic, text-only publication. Digitized by the Women and Memory Forum (WMF). 

  • Parižka Moda, 1895-1897. The first Croatian illustrated fashion magazine, titled "Parisian Fashion."

  • Käsitöitä, 1895-19151902 via the Library of Finland. Finnish handicraft journal. Many thanks to Katja Kuitunen for letting me know of this title, and for providing a link to her digitized copies.

  • Nové Pařížské Mody, 1895-1916, 1919-1941. A Czech weekly paper titled "New Paris Fashions."

  • Jornal das Senhoras, 1896. A Portuguese women's weekly journal published in Lisbon.

  • Jugend, 1896-1940. German magazine super influential during Art Nouveau period, so much so that Art Nouveau in Germany became known as Jugendstil. Later forced between 1933-1940 into Nazi propaganda machine.

  • Mahila, 1897-1915. Indian women's magazine. Text in Bengali.

  • Sport im Bild, 1897-1938. Austrian illustrated newspaper with frequent fashion coverage.

  • Moda Parisiana, 1898-1899. Romanian fashion paper.

  • El Mundo, 1898-1902. Mexican illustrated journal with weekly fashion coverage.

  • La Moda Europea, 1899. Argentinian women's paper titled "European Fashion". 

  • Tennen moyō kagami Haori ura no bu, or 天年模樣鑒羽織裹之部, 1899. Japanese publication of Haori kimono designs.

  • Instantáneas: Gran Moda, 1901. Short-lived Spanish fashion paper, titled "Snapshots: High Fashion". Scroll down to select issue, and press "Descargar" to download PDF.

  • Schmuck und Mode, 1901-1902. German journal of fashion and jewelry.

  • Shōun Moyōshū, or 松雲模樣輯, 1902-1903. Japanese magazine of illustrated kimono patterns.

  • Bhārata Bhaginī, 1901-1906. Indian. Women's magazine published in the city of Lahore, which was then part of British India. It has been part of Pakistan since the Partition of 1947. Text in Hindi.

  • Paris Sud-América, 1902-1914. Biweekly fashion supplement to the Argentinian magazine, La Ilustración Sud-Americana.

  • Fon-Fon, 1903-1945. Brazilian magazine. Particularly great cover design in the late teens through mid-twenties.

  • Moda Nouă, 1903-1915. Romanian illustrated fashion newspaper with occasional special illustrated magazines. 

  • Nüzi Shijie (Women's World), 1904-1907. Chinese monthly women's magazine published out of Shanghai. Digitized by Heidelberg University, and found via the Asian Fashion Archive.

  • Wiener Frauenzeitung für Mode, Handarbeit und Belehrung, 1905-1910.  Austrian biweekly fashion paper.

  • Arco Iris, 1906-1907. Spanish. Sevilla-based magazine of fashion and culture, with Art Nouveau-inspired covers. Includes fashion caricatures and patterns.

  • La Donna, 1906-1933. Italian women's magazine.

  • La Dama, 1907-1908. Spanish women's magazine, digitized by the Biblioteca Nacional de España.

  • Feminal, 1907-1914. Spanish women's magazine, published in Barcelona. Found via the Diputació Barcelona, which was kindly shared with me by Franciska Ruessink.

  • The Young Women of India and Ceylon, 1907-1916. Indian women's magazine published for the British audience in India and Sri Lanka. Text in English.

  • Moodi-Album, 1908-1912. Estonian fashion newspaper.

  • A Vida Elegante, 1909. Brazilian weekly magazine, based out of Rio de Janeiro. Includes great street photography of fashion as worn in the city.

  • Eleganze Femminili, 1911. Super short lived Italian magazine.

  • Elegancias, 1911-1914. Uruguayan fashion magazine.

  • Funü Shibao (Women's Eastern Times), 1911-1917. Chinese women's magazine, digitized by Heidelberg University. Found via the Asian Fashion Archive. The first and longest lived commercial women's journal in China.

  • Las Argentinas: Revue des Élégances Féminines, 1911-1913. Fashion magazine produced out of Paris and

        Buenos Aires for the Argentinian market.

  • Cosmos, 1912-1914. Mexican culture magazine published in Mexico City. Includes monthly fashion coverage.

  • Reform: Rätsepatöö-Teadus, Kunst ja Moodid, 1914-1915. Estonian tailoring journal, titled "Reform: Tailoring-Science, Art and Fashion".

  • Английская домашняя портниха, 1915. Russian edition of The English Home Dressmaker.

  • Funü Zazhi (The Ladies' Journal), 1915-1931. Chinese women's magazine, digitized by Heidelberg University. Found via the Asian Fashion Archive.  

  • Página Blanca, 1915-1916. Uruguayan women's magazine.

  • The Indian Ladies' Magazine, 1916-1917. Indian women's magazine published in Chennai. Text in English.

  • Margot, 1916-1917. Spanish women's magazine, published out of Barcelona. Lots of fashion-related comics.

  • Nové Mody, 1916-1919. Czech fashion magazine titled "New Modes". 

  • Kadınlık, 1916-1917. Turkish women's magazine, "Femininity," published out of Istanbul. Fashion photography on covers.

  • Futuro das Moças, 1917 and 1918. "The Future of Women," a Brazilian women's magazine.

  • Moderne Welt, 1918-1939. German fashion magazine, digitized by the Österreichische Nationalbibliothek. Wonderful fashion magazine with great illustrations prior to 1938, when its Jewish-run publishing house was forcibly “Aryanized.”

  • In Penombra, 1918-1919. Italian stage magazine with fashion coverage and photographs à la Comoedia Illustré.

  • Beaux Arts de Modes, 1920-1942. Profusely illustrated Belgian magazine of the latest fashions in fur.

  • Vida Domestica, 1920-1962Brazilian magazine with fashion coverage and illustrations from 1930s forward - thanks to Katiucia Sousa for letting me know about this one.

  • Vesna, 1921. Slovenian fashion magazine.

  • Revue Des Modes, 1921-1925. Finnish fashion magazine.

  • Sattiriya Mittiran, 1922. A single issue of this Indian women's magazine. Text in Tamil.

  • The Bon Ton, 1922-24. Not to be confused with La Gazette du Bon Ton, The Bon Ton was an Italian magazine aimed towards seamstresses and tailors in training.

  • Atelier, 1923. Russian Constructivist-inspired fashion magazine - the only issue ever produced.

  • Pariisin Muodit, 1923. Finnish fashion magazine, title translates to "Parisian Fashions. 

  • Elegante, 1923-1924. Spanish fashion magazine, published in Barcelona.

  • Layla, 1923-1924. First Iraqi women’s magazine.

  • Modes Apskats, 1923-1924. Riga-based Latvian fashion magazine.

  • America, 1923-1925. Brazilian pop culture magazine on art, fashion, film, and sport.

  • Elegancias, 1923-1926. A personal favorite. Spanish fashion magazine, digitized by the Biblioteca Nacional de España.

  • Das Leben, 1923-1935. Weimar-era German women's magazine.

  • Russia Illustrated, 1924-1939. Russian weekly with occasional fashion coverage.

  • Le Grand Tailleur, 1924-1943. Magazine with text in German, abundant with fashion plates and illustrations. Unsure of origin, but likely French for German-speaking market.

  • The Australian Women's Mirror, 1924-1954. Australian magazine with weekly fashion coverage.

  • Mazais Modes žurnāls, 1925. Latvian weekly fashion journal.

  • Mujer: Revista del Mundo y de la Moda, 1925-1926. Spanish. Madrid-based weekly fashion magazine. 

  • Neue Frauenwelt, 1925-1927. German fashion and handwork journal, title translates to New Women's World.

  • Nova Khata (Нова хата), 1925-1939. "New House," a Ukrainian women's magazine published out of Lviv with features on fashion, the home, and folk textiles.

  • Die Moderne Frau, 1926-1928. Austrian fashion magazine, published out of Vienna.

  • Párisi Divat, 1926-19321938, 1940. Hungarian fashion magazine.

  • Svijet, 1926-1936. Croatian pictorial titled "World," with frequent fashion coverage. Text searchable in the "PRETRAŽIVANJE" bar above the individual issues.

  • Die Schöne Frau, 1926-1937. Austrian magazine out of Vienna. 

  • Perfekte Mode, 1926-1940. Another Austrian magazine, titled "Perfect Fashion," out of Vienna. Under Nazi censorship from 1938 on.

  • Razgled, 1927-1928. Slovenian monthly culture magazine with regular fashion coverage.

  • Frauenfreude - Mädchenglück, 1927-1934. Czech women's magazine, published out of Prague.

  • Przegląd Mody, 1927-1936. Polish fashion magazine.

  • Magyar ​Úriasszonyok Lapja, 1928-1936. Hungarian women's magazine. Thank you to Clara Lavié for informing me of this title.

  • Hvězda: československých paní a dívek, 1927-1941. Czech women's magazine, title translates to The Star: The star of Czechoslovak ladies and beauties. 

  • Voga, 1927-1928. Portuguese women's magazine, published out of Lisbon.

  • Cordelia, 1928-1934. One of the most widely-read Italian women's magazines of the early 20th century, later turned Fascist.

  • Virkkaus ja neuletyöt, 1928-1939. Finnish magazine of crocheting and knitting, included patterns in every issue.

  • Modelos, 1929. Barcelona-based Spanish publication of fashion croquis. Some issues included digitized patterns.

  • Amica, 1929-1940. Italian women's magazine with fashion coverage.

  • Muoti-Kuvasto, 1929-1935, 1939. Finnish fashion magazine with patterns.

  • Žena in Dom, 1930-1941. Slovenian monthly women's magazine with fashion coverage, titled "Woman and Home".

  • Finlayson, 1930. Finnish women's magazine produced by the fabric manufacturer of the same name. 

  • Jornal da Mulher1930-1943. Women's supplement to the Brazilian young women's magazine, Jornal das Moças. Published in Rio de Janeiro, this supplement often covered fashions of the day, and frequently published fashion images from French photo agencies. Thanks to Katiucia Sousa for letting me know about this one.

  • Ling Long Women's Magazine, 1931-1937. Chinese women's magazine from Republican-era Shanghai, digitized by Columbia University.

  • Chik, 1932-1940. Danish quarterly fashion magazine produced by Illum, a luxury department store in Copenhagen. Digitized by the Danish Royal Library. They also have a collection of Illum catalogs digitized here.

  • Wiener Modenzeitung, 1932-1942. Austrian newspaper covering the national fashion industry and its influences from abroad. Under Nazi censorship from 1938 on. 

  • Eeva, 1933-1939. Finnish monthly fashion magazine, digitized by the National Library of Finland. Select year from the drop-down menu under the magazine title at the top of the page. 

  • Huvitav Žurnaal, 1933-1940. Estonian quarterly magazine, titled "The Interesting Journal".

  • The Australian Women's Weekly, 1933-1982. Australian women's newspaper that often features fashion news and fashion illustrations. 

  • Eesti Moeleht, 1934. An Estonian fashion magazine, title translates to "Estonian Fashion".

  • Paris-Alger, 1934-1937. Algerian women's magazine published out of Paris and Algiers for the French ex-pat market.

  • Suomalainen Kotivaatetalous, 1935. A Finnish women's magazine, title translates to "Finnish Home Clothing Economy". 

  • Dea, 1935, 1938-1939, 1940, 1941. Italian monthly fashion magazine.

  • Ellas, 1935. A single issue of this Cuban monthly fashion magazine. 

  •  Muoti ja käytäntö, 1936-1938. Finnish trade magazine on fashion displays in stores, created by the store Kestilän Pukimo.

  • Hopeapeili, 1936-1939. Another monthly Finnish fashion magazine – title translates to "Silver Mirror".

  • Костюм и пальто, 1937. A pocket issue of "Suit and Coat," a Russian periodical of clothing guides published by the Moskvoshvey Trust.

  • Elite, 1937-1944. Chilean fashion magazine. Run for many years by Valentina Ruiz, a woman Town and Country in 1941 called "the final word on fashion in Chile". To read through a copy, select it by clicking on the picture of its cover and then click the "Descargar" button in orange on the upper left-hand side to flip through its pages.

  • Omin Käsin, 1938-1939. Finnish magazine of home-sewing and handicraft – includes some sewing patterns.

  • Margriet, 1938-1950. Dutch weekly women's magazine

  • Hrvatica, 1939-1940. Croatian magazine, subtitled "Magazine for Women and Home."

  • Magyar Nők Lapja, 1939-1944. Hungarian women's magazine. Thanks to Clara Lavié for sharing this title with me.

  • Beatrijs, 1939-1967. Long-lived popular Dutch magazine aimed towards Catholic women. With thanks to 

  • Grazia, 1940-1943. Italian mid-market women's magazine.

  • Bellezza, 1941-1943. Italian monthly fashion and lifestyle magazine.

  • Modes Spogulis, 1941. Latvian fashion magazine titled "Fashion Mirror."

  • Alta Costura, 1946-1976. Spanish monthly fashion magazine, based in Barcelona.

  • Rīgas Modes, 1949-1993. Long-running Latvian fashion magazine.

  • Gioia, 1951-1955. Italian women's magazine. Click on title name in list to access individual issues.

  • Drum Magazine, 1951-1978. South African. The leading magazine of South Africa until its closure in 2020, with stylish covergirls and some fashion coverage. The archive separates its holdings into categories, such as covers and advertisements.

  • Zebunnisa, 1952-1984. Pakistani women's magazine, text in Urdu.

  • Distinción, 1955-1971. Spanish. Barcelona-based culture magazine with fashion coverage in every issue.

  • AWA: La Revue de la Femme Noire, 1964 - 1973. Senegalese women's magazine, digitized by the Institut Fondamental d’Afrique Noire-Cheikh Anta Diop.

  • Textiles Suisses, 1966-1993. Just as the title describes - a magazine of Swiss textiles.

  • Paula, 1967-1977. South American women's magazine marketed to readers in Argentina and Chile. Fun fashion coverage, including a Twiggy-modeled cover, a space-themed issue and a Paco Robanne editorial.

  • Zan-e Rooz, 1964-1978. Iranian women's magazine titled "Woman of Today," dating from before and during the Iranian Revolution. Sometimes written as Zan-i Rūz. Incredible mod graphic design. The source I had linked to previously has been taken down in the wake of the recent protests, so I have made a new page with copies I had previously downloaded. Dates are approximate within their year, let me know if you find a more accurate date for any of these or additional copies you can share. 

  • Élégance Suisse, 1968-1974. Magazine of the Swiss fashion industry.

  • Zhvandūn, 1972-1982. Afghan. Popular magazine published in Afghanistan in Persian and Pashto that often included fashion coverage. 

  • Effe, 1973-1982. The "first Italian feminist magazine," on its own archive website, created with love by former staffers of the magazine.

  • Журнал мод [Fashion Magazine], 1986-1990. Russian fashion magazine.

  • Fruits, 1997-2002. Japanese streetwear magazine. 

  • TopModell, 2004-2015. Hungarian fashion magazine. Found via the Elektronikus Periodika A, with great thanks to Franciska Ruessink for sending to me.

  • dObra[s], 2007-2021. Journal of the Brazilian Association of Fashion Research Studies.

  • Hot Nepal, 2013-2016. Nepalese women's magazine.

  • Fashion Collection, 2020-2023. Pakistani monthly fashion magazine.

Menswear Magazines

Also includes general tailoring journals. American, English, Canadian, Finnish, French, Japanese, and Italian.

Culture / Fashion-Adjacent:

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