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Gender Studies, by Bettina Rheims, 2014. Hardcover, first edition, published by Steidl.  Rheims' work of photographs recording the experience of people who identify as transgender or androgynous. Rheims wrote of the work as a response to ignorance seen around her in Paris at the time, stating:

           "Yesterday, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, I was strolling along the Seine trying to reach the right bank. Paris was full of police cars blocking access to the bridges, while masses of people, 'normal families,' were rushing towards the center of town. They were carrying aggressive banners displaying homophobic and racist statements, and refused to acknowledge the existence of 'gender theory.' Three years earlier I had placed an ad on Facebook encouraging young men and women who felt 'different' to contact my studio. We received dozens of replies, from all over the world, like faraway calls wanting to be heard. It was my aim to show them and give them a voice-to acknowledge them. They came to the studio, exposed themselves shyly, and I photographed them just like that."


80 pgs, measures approx. 13.2" H x 10" W. Condition is new and sealed, one 1-inch portion of plastic wrapping peeling but otherwise perfect condition. Feel free to email for any further information. 

Gender Studies, by Bettina Rheims, 2014. Hardcover.

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