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La Révolte des Passemens, 1935. A beautiful printing of a piece of fashion history: the famed 1660 satirical poem starring all the different types of lace trims of the day. Features the original French version, an English translation, and the poem’s inspiration: a Louis XIV sumptuary edict of 1660 banning the wearing of lace and embroidery. Plates of different types of 17th century lace, prints, and portraits throughout.


❤️ One of 500 copies printed. Published by the Needle and Bobbin Club of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 79 pgs, measures approx. 10” H x 6.9” W x 0.5” D. Very good condition - pages toned, some wear to boards.

La Révolte des Passemens, 1935. Beautiful reprint of 17th c. poem on lace.

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