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Visionaire #59, Fairy Tale Edition, 2009. The legendary art and fashion magazine, issued in the form of 11 storybooks by James Franco, Ugo Rodinone, Viktor & Rolf, John Baldassari, Kirsten Dunst, and more. Held in form by the original patent leather strap holder it was issued with. Contains stickers, scratch-and-sniff elements, and two holographic covers, making this the grown-up version of a Lisa Frank book. 


Each book measures approx. 9.75" Sq, and approx. 4.5" D with the full stack in holder. Issued in an limited numbered edition of 4000 copies. Good condition u2014 some of the books are visibly toned on the top half of cover and pages.

Visionaire #59, Fairy Tale Edition, 2009. Ugo Rodinone, Viktor & Rolf, & more.

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